In recent times we have experienced a real explosion of this type of interrelations and activities (with many points in common, especially the first two) although we are not always very clear about the differences between them. Here we will try to offer you an explanation to clarify these three concepts.

Classifying relationships from less to deeper, we can affirm that we usually talk about tutoring to refer to the help that a tutor gives to a tutor to improve in a certain formative aspect, usually of a academic nature. These are usually short-term objectives, such as methodological models to improve reading comprehension of children. In this area, for example, there have been numerous schools that have implemented sponsorship programs, in which students and older students tutor young children to help them advance their literacy skills .

Coaching activities also have a near time horizon, in which a coach, usually trained and accredited by an institution, helps another person or people to conquer a personal objective , whether in the workplace or more generic, linked to aspects transversal of his life. The c oach program of the Exit Foundation could be a good example of such relationships in the social world .

However, mentoring activities differ from the previous ones in that they are aimed at generating a long-term relationship. In addition, while mentoring and coaching focus on a specific issue, mentoring involves a deeper and more global inter- relationship that allows several objectives related to the integral development of the person to be worked on. On the other hand, as Òscar Prieto-Flores ( University of Girona ) points out, “ what makes the mentoring different is the access that the two parties have to the social network of the other , knowing their environment and network of friendships ” .

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