Non-profit entities that wish to become true knowledge organizations must pay special attention to several essential elements for success in this objective: to become aware of the value of the information they have, link knowledge with the mission to be carried out, introduce this issue in the overall strategy of the organization, define processes and tools for information management, incorporate experimentation as a value, foster a mindset open to change, and move from the culture of concealment to cooperation, building trust and being brave to share.

To face these challenges, one of the fundamental pillars will be to have a leadership with the following profile: it must be a shared and disseminated leadership in the organization, it must generate and facilitate spaces for diversity, it must favor innovation, it must inspire others linking the effort to manage knowledge with the impact pursued, must be in contact with the reality that the entity intends to transform, and must let the team do to demonstrate confidence.

The commitment to knowledge will also affect the structure of the organization, defined according to different principles: it must respond to a more cooperative and flexible model so that knowledge flows, will drive interdepartmental projects that help activate internal knowledge, will be less oriented The results will overcome an inbred vision to assume that much knowledge is outside and requires alliances, and will foster a culture of internal projects on issues of the entity itself.

Finally, the best strategy for knowledge management will be the one that meets the following criteria: it will be aligned with the other programmatic documents of the organization, explicitly attributed to personnel and specific skills related to knowledge management, use clear language to allow a generalized understanding, provide time-inspiring principles of processes that can paralyze the action, establish direction without specifying operational details, and create a framework that others can continue and develop in the future.

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