The measures decreed by most governments to stop the expansion of COVID-19 has forced millions of people to seclude themselves in their homes. Although there are conflicting opinions, we are probably faced with a necessary strategy to face the threat of an unpredictable health collapse.

Fortunately, new technologies can be very useful to us to avoid that physical isolation also becomes personal isolation. In fact, social networks and the various digital communication channels are currently experiencing a few days of frenetic activity. Citizens have immediately intuited that today it is possible to temporarily replace the desirable human contact with another type of relationship, supported by the different tools that the era of communications makes available to us.

But it is not only about promoting proximity with our family and friends, with the aim of maintaining personal contact. Technology also makes it possible for those activities and projects that we regularly carry out to have continuity in these times of isolation. We currently have numerous applications and digital platforms that make it possible to work from home, cooperate with an association, keep up to date on the topics that interest us, or advance in all kinds of collaborative tasks that do not require face-to-face participation.

Certainly, we are living through difficult days when our routines have been hit by an unthinkable health crisis just a couple of months ago, and which will require a solidarity effort from us to minimize its duration and impact. But it is in our hands to prevent this temporary confinement from distancing us from our loved ones and interrupting our activities unnecessarily. Staying active may require changing certain habits, but we have countless resources to do so. Technology is on our side.

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