The multiplication of projects has encouraged the Social Mentoring Coordinator to develop a quality seal

The Social Mentoring Coordinator has promoted a quality system designed for all types of programs of this type that work with vulnerable groups. Its main objective is to assess the quality of mentoring from a methodological point of view. However, this seal is not intended to become an audit to use, but to favor an empowerment process that leads to the reinforcement of the entity and its project through the training of its technical team, bringing it closer to quality mentoring and the evaluation framework that CMS proposes. This approach allows to achieve various relevant objectives for entities from different perspectives: process optimization, recruitment of sponsors, accreditation before public administrations, volunteer support, etc.

For the development of this initiative, some international experiences have been taken as a reference (such as Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring TM-Mentor of the National Mentoring Partnership, or the Approved Provider Standard APS of the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation). However, the evaluative design of the CMS has not consisted of a mere transposition of these referents, but has also proceeded to perform a work of adaptation of these models prior to the Spanish reality and its tradition of volunteering.

The process for obtaining the MC seal, supported by the implementation of various improvement actions, is articulated on three phases: an evaluation matrix (based on 10 requirements and 63 standards), a self-assessment (through an online questionnaire that generates a report initial) and a final audit (which includes the verification of the standards and the issuance of the corresponding report by the accrediting committee). This last phase is carried out through documentary reviews and interviews with the technical team, the mentors and the mentors. Once achieved, the seal is valid for three years.

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